Susan Barta doesn’t really like talking about herself. She would rather listen to others. She listens to hear the stories they tell, lessons learned, knowledge transferred. She isn’t a bubbly kind of people person, but she enjoys strong connections to whomever is in front of her. People are drawn to her as well.

Susan Barta was born into a New Thought family; it was the family business and core way of being. When she was a young adult her mother was ordained after serving decades as secretary, soloist, board member. After reading Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, she moved to Boston and tripled her salary by starting a career in computer support and training. However after three years she lost focus and her dream dissolved, bringing her back to her parent’s home broke and exhausted.


A Case of Intent, P.S. Barta, novel, 2009, New Century Publishing, Indianapolis, IN.

Several articles for digital publications